News Articles

July 2015

Fixing our highways: Providence Journal Editorial

May 2015

Whitehouse Keeps Climate Change Front and Center

January 2015

Senator Whitehouse hopes compromise will close tax loopholes used by large corporations

October 2014

Senate Odd Couple Seeks Common Ground on Climate Change

June 2014

Senate Dems float campaign finance bill

April 2013

Liberal warrior

January 2013

Climate Hawk: GOP Will “Pay In The Future” For Ignoring Climate Change

October 2012

How Whitehouse Became Campaign Finance Reformer

May 2012

Citizens United Foes John McCain, Sheldon Whitehouse Take Argument To Supreme Court

March 2012

Whitehouse celebrates legislation at Jacob's Point

January 2012

Turning the ‘Buffett Rule’ Into Law

August 2011

Whitehouse talks jobs with small businesses

July 2011

Whitehouse leading fight to avert cuts in benefits

June 2011

New job creation tax credit could give small businesses leg up

April 2011

Seniors voice concerns over GOP budget cuts

November 2010

Court effective in getting loan modifications

October 2010

Senator impressed by rebound

July 2010

R.I. Senator Whitehouse proposes national fund for ocean research

June 2010

Relief on way for elderly in Medicare’s ‘doughnut hole’

May 2010

Senator says town and nation must upgrade infrastructure