News Articles

April 2010

Cleanup will cost hundreds of millions, Whitehouse says
What's next? Leaders work on game plan

March 2010

U.S. Senate votes to study job loss in N.E.:
Senator visits hospital for technology update

January 2010

Stuart's seen as success story of stimulus projects
Stimulus sewer work creates 75 city jobs

October 2009

Woman who lost son fights for bankruptcy changes

September 2009

Law would ease medical debt

July 2009

Senator hears stories of health-care struggles

June 2009

Small business leaders call for health-care changes

April 2009

Over coffee, Whitehouse hears health care tales from Cranston residents
Biofuel touted at Cumberland home
Sen. Whitehouse hears women’s concerns on health care
He's not buying bygones for Bush
Editorial: Credit-card clamp-down

March 2009

Debating a Ceiling On Credit Card Fees
Bank of America Gets Bailout, but Will Consumers?
Whitehouse takes lead, garners national attention on health care reform
Ms. Goddard goes to Washington
Whitehouse’s voice carrying more clout