UPDATE: Senator Whitehouse Cancer Legislation, Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act, on Track to Become Law

Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act

According to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, whose President Julie Fleshman was also in attendance:

  • Pancreatic cancer is the fourth-leading cancer-related killer.
  • Just 2% of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) federal funding goes to pancreatic cancer research efforts.
  • The five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is just a 6%.

The Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act will establish a national Pancreatic Cancer Initiative, creating a strategic plan to coordinate research and giving NCI the tools it needs for earlier diagnosis, better treatment, and hope for a cure.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse shared the personal story of how pancreatic cancer impacted his life…and the lives of other Rhode Islanders.

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