Share What Pell Grants Have Meant to You

Right now, we are facing a real threat to Pell Grants. 

Already, the House has passed a budget resolution that would have slashed Pell Grants — cutting grant funding for over a million students by an average of $1,775.

As House Republicans continue pushing for extreme budget cuts, there could be a fight for the future of Pell Grants – and we need to be ready.

Will you help me in this fight? 

Please share your story about what Pell Grants have meant to you and your family. 

Share what you think they mean to the American Dream.

When Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell first proposed the grants that now bear his name, he envisioned a way to help students attend our country’s wonderful colleges and universities, so they could share in the American Dream.

Together, we can keep Pell’s vision alive and stand up for middle class families.  Please share your story below.