“The strength of our Ocean State’s economy depends on the health of our environment. I’ll keep fighting for our state’s historic industries and their workers – and the natural resources they depend on – while also making smart investments to make Rhode Island a leader creating jobs in the emerging clean energy economy.” 

– Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

The Environment: Fueling Rhode Island’s Economy

Working to move our economy forward, Sheldon understands the importance of our environment in supporting and creating jobs. That’s why he’s fighting to help grow existing industries, generate new jobs in research and clean energy technology, maintain a healthy environment for future generations.

Growing Our Economy and Protecting Our Environment

Create Jobs by Investing in Clean Energy Technology
Clean energy businesses are good for our economy and our environment. They create jobs here in Rhode Island and keep America competitive in the world.  Sheldon’s working to help our clean energy businesses grow, especially important now with only one of the top ten solar and one of the top ten wind energy companies in the world still based in the United States. Sheldon fought successfully to extend direct cash grants to renewable energy developers here in Rhode Island and around the country. He has also championed legislation to support the construction of energy efficient homes, expand residential use of solar power, and extend federal tax credits for energy efficient retrofits. He’ll continue working to encourage job-creating clean-energy businesses.

Improve Infrastructure for the New Economy
Overcrowded highways and aging water systems are a drag on our economy and a strain on our environment. Improving our infrastructure will both create jobs and build a foundation for future economic growth. That’s why Sheldon is working to promote high-speed rail and investments in our aging highway, water, and electricity infrastructure.

Support Tourism and Jobs
Rhode Island’s natural beauty is central to the tourism, fishing, and other industries that create jobs and support our economy. So, many Rhode Island towns have joined their Massachusetts counterparts to fight placing an LNG facility in Mount Hope Bay. Sheldon is working with Rhode Islanders to defeat this ill-conceived project, which would put at risk the businesses and jobs that depend on our coastal economy. And Sheldon has introduced legislation to end subsidies for big oil companies and hold them accountable for the damage caused by oil spills.

Funding Ocean Research and Restoration Efforts
Our oceans and coasts are critical to our tourism and fishing industries, and to our quality of life. Investing in research and restoration projects to preserve these resources supports these industries and grows Rhode Island’s economy. That’s why Sheldon has introduced legislation to establish a National Endowment for the Oceans and to re-authorize the National Estuary Program, a legacy of Senator John Chafee, which has brought millions of dollars to our state to help protect Narragansett Bay.

Sheldon is fighting to create jobs to Rhode Island.  To learn more about his other job creation efforts, please click here.