December 2021
Boston Globe: Summit for Democracy will follow the money
November 2021
The Daily Beast: How Russian Hackers Helped Expose the Right-Wing Dark Money Corrupting Our Courts
October 2021
Salon: Justice Alito complains, but the evidence is clear: This Supreme Court was built by dark money
Roll Call: Fighting climate change means putting our coasts on par with our mountains
June 2021
A World Without Fossil Fuels Funding Our Enemies Would Be A Safer World for America
May 2021
Just Security: To Thwart the Illegal Narcotics Trade, Expose the Dark Economy
April 2021
As the US withdraws from Afghanistan, what is our plan for the aftermath?
President Biden's Earth Day climate summit is a rebuke to Trump's denialism. But it's only a start.
March 2021
The Daily Beast: How Right-Wing Dark Money Is Trying to Kneecap the Biden DOJ
January 2021
Boston Globe: Following US Capitol attack, we senators must investigate fellow members of Congress — and follow the money
Credibility Crisis: 'Dark Money' Influence Could Soon Become a Constitutional Right
Salon: Why we can’t just “move on”: We need accountability for Donald Trump’s misdeeds
November 2020
Project Syndicate : America’s Captured Courts
October 2020
Amy Coney Barrett rose from corporations' crusade for power over the Supreme Court
September 2020
Providence Business News : Beacon a lesson for hospital merger
July 2020
The Boston Globe: Crashing coastal property values and the economic fallout of climate change
May 2020
NBC Think: Trump's coronavirus response proves Congress once again needs its own science advisers
April 2020
The Wall Street Journal: Moot Points, Gun Laws and the Supreme Court
USA Today: The corrupt tax provision in the CARES Act: Rep. Doggett & Sen. Whitehouse
March 2020
The Washington Post: Carbon pricing represents the best answer to our climate danger
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