April 2018
Jamestown Press: Bipartisan bill addresses opioid concerns
March 2018
The Hill: The Supreme Court must step in: Both major parties are testing American democracy by gerrymandering
Quartz: The peculiarities of the US financial system make it ideal for money laundering
February 2018
Slate: Dark Money Union Busters
The Wall Street Journal: Both Sides of the Aisle Want Better Roads and Ports
CNN: Trump is in the back pocket of billionaires
The Providence Journal: Right-wing dirty trick hurts us all
The Providence Journal: Memo on FBI spying a dirty trick
The Washington Post: The Nunes memo is just one dirty trick in the far right’s smear campaign
December 2017
Wall Street Journal: How to Keep the Supreme Court From Partisanship
Grist: The EPA tries to turn a blind eye to carbon emissions. The courts can stop it.
Law360: Time To Root Out Political Interference With The DOJ
Washington Post: UPS and Pfizer’s dirty little secret
November 2017
STAT: Alex Azar must commit to ‘righting the ship’ for health care payments
The Guardian: The Paradise Papers are a wake-up call: now Congress must act on tax havens
October 2017
Modern Healthcare: Let’s support all those walking the hard but noble path to recovery
Huffington Post: The Auto Industry Needs To Keep Its Word On Fuel Economy Standards
Global Environmental Facility: Maximizing value
September 2017
The New York Times: Congress and Climate Change
June 2017
The Hill: Business must lobby Congress in order to get action on climate change
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