May 2017
Southern Rhode Island Newspapers: Sea level rise could fragment Rhode Island's coastline
April 2017
Grist: Unraveling Obama’s climate legacy may not be as easy as Trump thinks
January 2017
Sea Technology Magazine : Closing the Saltwater Gap
December 2016
Insider Higher Ed: Unprecedented and Unprincipled Adversary
November 2016
Huffington Post: An Open Letter To President-Elect Donald J. Trump
October 2016
The National Law Journal: Comey Violated Important Principle by Disclosing Emails Investigation to Congress
The New York Times: Coke, Pepsi and Climate Change: Letter to the Editor
TribTalk: Dear Lamar Smith: Climate change is real
August 2016
The National Law Journal: Standoff Over a House Panel's Subpoenas Raises Key Issue
The Washington Post: Big Oil’s master class in rigging the system
The Providence Journal: Read My Take On Our Work to Combat The Nation's Opioid Crisis
July 2016
Columbia Journalism Review: What Phony Op-Eds About Climate Change Have In Common
U.S. News: The New Nuclear Renaissance
April 2016
Huffington Post: The WSJ's Long Record of Protecting Polluters
March 2016
National Law Journal: The Supreme Court's Blind Spot: Understanding How Democracies Function
December 2015
Huffington Post: Why Republicans Continue to Deny Climate Science
September 2015
The Nation: The Many Sins of ‘Citizens United’
July 2015
Providence Journal: Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse: Medicare, Medicaid Mark 50 Years of Success
The Guardian: Whitehouse and Cardin: America must lead the climate change fight or our leadership record is toast
American Magazine: 'Laudato Si'': A Call to Action for Congress
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