December 2012
Politico: Health care savings without Medicare cuts
September 2012
Huffington Post: Health Information Technology: Paving the Way to Improved Patient Care
July 2012
Providence Journal: Secret spending threatens democracy
May 2012
Newport Daily News: State lawmakers must act to fight domestic violence
April 2012
Providence Journal: Make the rich pay their fair share
March 2012
Roll Call: Let’s Shine a Light on Big Money in Politics
December 2011
Woonsocket Call: Closing the Doughnut Hole Provides Relief to Rhode Island Seniors
Providence Journal : Let’s have a straight deal for R.I. consumers of credit
August 2011
The Westerly Sun: A plan to help R.I. businesses add jobs
May 2011
Newport Daily News: Congress must keep promises to seniors
March 2011
Politico: Cybersecurity needs complete plan
February 2011
Woonsocket Call: Keeping Rhode Island Families in Their Homes
January 2011
Providence Journal : Seeking a fair deal for R.I. manufacturers
Politico: A plan to mend filibuster, not end it
November 2010
National Law Journal : Judicial activism
October 2010
Huffington Post: Why We Need a Foreclosure Moratorium
The Hill Congress Blog: A foreclosure nightmare
September 2010
Common Ground: Creating Jobs by Investing in Infrastructure
CNN: Cyber self-defense can help U.S. security
July 2010
Providence Journal : It’s crucial to extend jobless benefits
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