December 2009
Washington Post: Time for health insurers to compete
August 2009
National Law Journal : Official Torture
July 2009
Providence Journal: Why a Public Option Matters in Health Care Reform
The Huffington Post: Health Reform That Works for Every American
May 2009
National Law Journal : Don't Rule Out Prosecutions
March 2009
Jewish Voice and Herald: ‘Peace will be made the day after an agreement is signed’
October 2008
The Washington Times: Whitehouse & Gingrich: Next president must put health in health care
Warwick Beacon: Honoring 'end of life' wishes
July 2008
Johnston Sun Rise: Leveling the Playing Field for Rhode Island Families
March 2008
Providence Journal: How Justice Erred on Waterboarding
Roll Call: Lack of Health IT Shows Market Failure
February 2008
The San Diego Union-Tribune: President should sign anti-torture bill
October 2007
Providence Journal: Caring for children isn’t too expensive
April 2007
HospitalConnect.com: Building a National Health IT Infrastructure
February 2007
Providence Journal: We need to take a new direction in Iraq
January 2007
Warwick Beacon: A true change of course
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