January 2015
Time to Wake Up: Let's Start Debating Solutions
Time to Wake Up: Citizens United Crushed the Debate on Climate Change
Time to Wake Up: Let's Reject the Keystone Pipeline
Time to Wake Up: Senate Dems can Still Make Progress on Climate Change
December 2014
Time to Wake Up: 2014 Could be the Hottest Year On Record
Time to Wake Up: A Carbon Fee is Not a War on Coal
Fighting Climate Change Can Also Help the Economy
October 2014
Sen. Whitehouse Speech at NYU Institute for Policy Integrity fall conference
Campus Sexual Assaults - Speech to National Association of Attorneys General
September 2014
Time to Wake Up: Rhode Island Energy and Environmental Leaders Day
Time to Wake Up: Republicans Side with Polluters over the Public on Climate
July 2014
Environmental Protection Was Once a Top Priority of Republicans
How Citizens United Altered the Climate Debate
Climate Change in Utah
The Devastating Effects of Ocean Acidification
June 2014
Sens. Whitehouse and Manchin Discuss Common Ground on Energy and Climate Policy
Sen. Whitehouse Announces DISCLOSE Act Reintroduction
Climate Change in New Hampshire
Bold Action for Cleaner Air and a Healthier Future
May 2014
Americans Want Action on Climate Change
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