June 2014
Climate Change in New Hampshire
Bold Action for Cleaner Air and a Healthier Future
May 2014
Americans Want Action on Climate Change
Climate Change in Florida
Climate Change in South Carolina and Georgia
Climate Change, Corporate America, and North Carolina
April 2014
Climate Change and National Security
March 2014
Climate Change in the Heartland
Glacial Snowpack and Climate Change
February 2014
Citizens United, Congressional Gridlock, and Climate Change
The Wilderness Warrior
January 2014
Effects of Climate-Related Sea Level and Erosion
American Corporations are Taking Climate Change Seriously
Climate Change is Harming our Oceans
October 2013
Time to Wake Up: The Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy
May 2013
Blue Vision Summit - Opening Session Remarks
February 2013
William & Mary Law Review Symposium: "The Civil Jury as a Political Institution"
December 2012
Climate Change: Recapping 2012
March 2012
Death of Marie Colvin
March 2011
Whitehouse Highlights the Potential Cost Savings in the Health Care Delivery System Reform
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