June 2019
Whitehouse Remarks in Judiciary on Combating Kleptocracy
Whitehouse Remarks at 2019 Public Citizen Gala
Time To Wake Up: Exxon Knew
Whitehouse Remarks on the Gaspee Raid
Time To Wake Up: Corporate America Engages
May 2019
Whitehouse Remarks on the Federalist Society and Leonard Leo
Whitehouse Floor Remarks on the Retirement of Sister Jane Gerety
Time to Wake Up: Bad Media (for) Climate
The Supreme Corp.
Time to Wake Up: Corporate Climate Rankings
April 2019
Time to Wake Up: Louisiana Road Trip
Time to Wake Up: Oil Trumps Cars
Time To Wake Up: Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels
Whitehouse Delivers Remarks to the Atlantic Council
March 2019
Whitehouse Remarks on Reforming the Senate Budget Process
Whitehouse Remarks on the Senate Budget Process
The Third Federalist Society
Time To Wake Up: Climate Change and National Security
Time To Wake Up: The Party With No Plan
Time To Wake Up: Friends of the Court
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