Learn about where Senator Whitehouse stands on the issues that matter most to you. 

Fighting the Climate Crisis

It’s time to wake up. I'm leading the work in Congress to advance smart solutions to address climate change, position Rhode Island as a leader in the clean energy economy, clean up our oceans, and hold the fossil fuel industry accountable.

Supreme Court Reform

The highest court shouldn’t have the lowest ethical standards – Supreme Court Justices and the decisions they make should not be influenced by billionaires and political insiders. I’m leading the charge to ensure that Congress will step in if the Supreme Court refuses to deal with its own ethical mess.

Growing the Middle Class

As Budget Committee Chairman, I am fighting to ensure economic security for all Rhode Islanders. I have always championed proposals to grow the middle class by increasing wages, protecting hard-earned benefits like Social Security, and ensuring the highest earners and big corporations pay their fair share.

Investing in Rhode Island

From upgrading the Pell Bridge to fixing Route 146 to opening workforce development centers, I’ve delivered major federal investments that are improving the lives of Rhode Islanders in every corner of the state.

Quality, Affordable Health Care

Every Rhode Islander deserves high-quality, affordable health care. I’m working to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, improve the quality of care, and ensure no one has to choose between their health and financial security.


We owe our service members and their families a great debt of gratitude, and we need to support them in meaningful and lasting ways. We must ensure our troops have everything they need for success in their missions and when they return home.


I’m working to strengthen Medicare and expand Social Security, all while extending the solvency of these programs. We owe it to the seniors who have paid into these programs over a lifetime of hard work.


We need to strengthen our nation’s public schools and ensure that children in every zip code have access to a first-rate education. There are steps we can take to make college more affordable and relieve the crushing burden of student debt.

Strengthening Democracy

I have led the fight to eliminate the scourge of dark money flooding our elections and corrupting our democracy. At home and abroad, I’m working to strengthen democratic institutions, uphold American leadership, and root out corruption.