Sheldon Whitehouse

It’s been a long road for my REPO bill, first gathering North American support and Biden Administration support, and then U.K. and E.U. support, which really coalesced in Munich. Treasury @SecYellen and E.U. chief @vonderleyen's strong support this week is great.

“Reproductive rights are intrinsically tied to economic opportunity.  Reproductive justice is economic justice.  Restricting one restricts the other.” - @SenWhitehouse #NoRightsToSpeakOf

Setting aside the claims of impropriety seeming to have fallen apart, the question all along was what the prejudice was to the defendant.

The principle here seems to be that very rich people when they break the law get to investigate the private lives of the prosecutors in their case.


Representing the Ocean State, Sheldon Whitehouse has earned a reputation in the Senate as a fierce advocate for progressive values and a thoughtful legislator capable of reaching across the aisle to achieve bipartisan solutions.

Senator Whitehouse has been at the center of efforts to address climate change, boost America’s clean energy economy, strengthen Medicare and Social Security, hold the powerful accountable, and much more.

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