July 13, 2023

New Episode of Whitehouse’s “Making the Case” Podcast Examines Special Interest Victories Delivered By Captured Supreme Court

Episode four available now on Spotify and Apple

Washington, DC – Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Courts Subcommittee, today released episode four of his podcast, Making the Case, exploring decisions in which the captured Supreme Court has delivered big for special interests at the expense of the American people.  The fourth episode of Making the Case is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast platforms.

“The Citizens United decision is just one glaring example of certain justices’ willingness to destroy precedents to the advantage of wealthy, far-right special interests,” said Whitehouse.  “From campaign finance to gun safety to environmental protection, the captured Court is increasingly aligning itself with special interests on the key issues of our day.  Tune in as we shine a light on the shadowy special interest groups working behind closed doors to bend our highest Court to their will.”

In the fourth episode of Making the Case, Whitehouse is joined by End Citizens United/ Let America Vote’s Tiffany Muller, the Brady Campaign’s Kris Brown, and Doug Linder of the League of Conservation Voters.  Together, they discuss how right-wing special interests have been able to influence the Roberts Court to advance an unpopular policy agenda that has undermined gun safety, environmental protections, voting rights, and checks on corporate power.

Whitehouse has long been the Senate’s leading voice for improving transparency and accountability at the Supreme Court, delivering a series of speeches on the Senate floor about the special interest scheme to remake the judicial branch.  Whitehouse is working to pass the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act, which is scheduled for mark up by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, June 20.  The bill would require Supreme Court justices to adopt a code of conduct, create a mechanism to investigate alleged violations of the code of conduct and other laws, improve disclosure and transparency when a justice has a connection to a party or amicus before the Court, and require justices to explain their recusal decisions to the public.  The Senator has also led legislation to create term limits at the Court.

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