February 21, 2023

Reed & Whitehouse Urge Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to Allow Independent Media to Operate

WASHINGTON, DC — Citing the critical role that a free and independent press plays in a functioning democracy, U.S. Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse today expressed concern over the Cambodian government’s revocation of the operating license of the Cambodian Center for Independent Media, the parent organization of Voice of Democracy.  The U.S. Senators urged Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to reconsider his decision and allow independent media, as enshrined in Cambodia’s Constitution.  Reed and Whitehouse issued a joint statement:

“We are troubled by the Cambodian ruling party’s crackdown on the Voice of Democracy.  Shuttering Cambodia’s most independent, fact-based news outlet is a significant blow to Cambodia’s press freedom.

“The Cambodian government should respect freedom of the press and the voice of the people.  These freedoms are essential to a functioning democracy.

“We urge the Cambodian government to revisit its decision and reinstate the Voice of Democracy’s operating license.”

Chip Unruh (Reed), (202) 224-4642

Meaghan McCabe (Whitehouse), (401) 453-5294

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