February 12, 2014

Sen. Whitehouse: Obamacare is Working

Washington, DC – Today the Department of Health and Human Services announced that nearly 1.1 million people selected health insurance plans using the Affordable Care Act marketplaces in January alone, bringing total marketplace enrollment to nearly 3.3 million.  This news follows an announcement yesterday that more than 50,000 Rhode Islanders have obtained health insurance coverage since the state’s marketplace opened in October.  U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) released the statement below regarding the ongoing success of the health law:

“The numbers in Rhode Island and across the country send a clear message: Obamacare is working.  Millions of Americans, including over 50,000 in Rhode Island, have signed up for coverage since October, and millions more are benefitting from things like discounted prescription drugs and free preventive services.  I hope Republicans will look at these numbers and realize that the health care law is making a difference for millions of Americans, and that it’s time to stop re-hashing old arguments over a law that is now settled.”


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