October 20, 2021

Whitehouse Blasts Republican Vote to Protect Dark Money, Restrict Voting Rights

Senator’s DISCLOSE Act, included in the Freedom to Vote Act and supported by all Senate Democrats, would rid America of dark-money influence

Washington, DC – Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, author of the DISCLOSE Act to rid American democracy of anonymous dark-money influence, released the following statement on Senate Republicans’ vote moments ago to block Senate debate on the Freedom to Vote Act—a bill containing the DISCLOSE Act and a range of important voter protections.

“Today, Republicans had a shot to rid our politics of the dark-money influence that Americans hate, and to stand up for basic voting rights. Instead, they again sided with the special interest donors flooding our democracy with a tsunami of dark-money slime – the same donor interests behind the massive campaign to restrict the vote. This ain’t over. Democrats will continue this fight until Americans have full control of their democracy. And if the Republican blockade continues, we may need to restore Senate rules that allowed consideration of overwhelmingly popular bills like this one.”

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