Q: Can I apply for a nomination from more than one congressional office to maximize the chance of being selected?

A: Yes. Students are encouraged to submit applications to both Senator Reed’s and Senator Whitehouse’s offices, as well as to the office of either Congressmen Cicilline (Congressional District 1) or Congressman Magaziner (Congressional District 2), depending on which House district you live in. Applicants may also apply for the Vice President’s nomination.

Q: Should I apply to more than one Service Academy?

A: While you may apply to more than one Service Academy, we encourage you to submit applications only to the schools you are seriously interested in attending. Each Service Academy has a unique culture and all of them require a sincere commitment.

 Q: What does the ideal candidate look like?

A: While there is no such thing as an ideal candidate, many students who earn nominations have well-rounded extracurricular activities, higher-level academics, and competitive standardized test scores (SAT: Reading >634 Math >653, ACT: English >27 Math >27). Community service activities and a strong athletic background are also beneficial.

 Q: Am I eligible if I have experienced disciplinary action in the past?

A: Disciplinary action is not an outright disqualifier, as the academies will review disciplinary history on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Are there additional requirements if I am applying for the second time?

A: Please be sure to send updated letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test scores as part of your application.

Q: Can a parent/guardian submit my application?

A:  We prefer to hear directly from the applicant whenever possible. This is your opportunity to make clear why you are the best candidate to serve as Senator Whitehouse’s primary nomination.

Q: When should I start training for the Physical Fitness Test?

A: Immediately. The physical fitness component of your application is given considerable weight, along with your grade point average and recommendations.