July 2015

Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse: Medicare, Medicaid Mark 50 Years of Success
Whitehouse and Cardin: America must lead the climate change fight or our leadership record is toast
'Laudato Si'': A Call to Action for Congress
Time to crack down on 'dark money'

May 2015

The fossil-fuel industry’s campaign to mislead the American people
For better justice, three steps

April 2015

Right-Wing Groups Get Overheated on Climate Questions

March 2015

The GOP Budget: Every Tax Loophole Is Sacred
Senator Harry Reid and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: GOP in denial on climate change

December 2013

Celebrating 40 Years of the Endangered Species Act

July 2013

Let's Have the President's Back on Climate Change

April 2013

This Is Real: Climate Change Not Only Hurts the Planet, It’s Already Hurting You
Protecting against cyber-attacks

December 2012

Health care savings without Medicare cuts

September 2012

Health Information Technology: Paving the Way to Improved Patient Care

July 2012

Secret spending threatens democracy

May 2012

State lawmakers must act to fight domestic violence

April 2012

Make the rich pay their fair share

March 2012

Let’s Shine a Light on Big Money in Politics

December 2011

Closing the Doughnut Hole Provides Relief to Rhode Island Seniors