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Whitehouse: Rhode Islanders Can Now Sign Up for Delivery of Free At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits

Biden administration also starting to make free high-quality masks available to the public next week

With pressure continuing to build on local hospitals, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse today invited Rhode Islanders to sign up for delivery of free at-home COVID-19 test kits at The new home testing initiative was officially launched by the Biden administration today. "Ordering COVID-19 tests to your doorstep takes less than a minute thanks to a new initiative from the Biden administration," said Whitehouse. "I hope all Rhode Islanders will use this free program to get at-home t… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Statement on Congressman Langevin’s Retirement

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse today issued the following statement regarding Congressman Jim Langevin's decision not to seek another term in the U.S. House of Representatives: "Jim's courage and decency make him a personal hero of mine, so I have very mixed feelings about his retirement, but I'm sure he's made the right decision in his own life. Jim was well ahead of the curve, warning the nation about the need to shore up our cyber defenses long before that threat was widely understood. Over… Continue Reading


Whitehouse & Cornyn Applaud New Bureau of Prisons Rule Adopting Their Input on First Step Act Anti-recidivism Measure

Senators’ bipartisan reforms poised to help Americans successfully transition back to society

Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and John Cornyn (R-TX) applauded the federal Bureau of Prisons' final rule implementing the prison reform measures of the senators' landmark criminal justice reform bill, the First Step Act. Whitehouse and Cornyn authored First Step provisions establishing recidivism reduction programs to allow qualifying inmates to receive reductions to their sentences through time credits. After the Bureau's initial draft rule failed to carry out those provisions fully, White… Continue Reading

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This member of Congress wants everyone to know about the 'dark money scheme' that's 'captured' the Supreme Court

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is fighting to end the "dark money" that he says is plaguing the Supreme Court. The Rhode Island Democrat is referring to private groups using anonymous donations to advance their interests at the highest court.

For the ninth time this year, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse gave a speech this week blasting right-wing anonymous donors whom he believes have "captured" the Supreme Court and "built" its current 6-3 conservative majority. "Our Supreme Court is awash in dark money influence," the Rhode Island Democrat said on the Senate floor on Tuesday. "The American people may not be able to see all of the rot, but they can see enough to know that something is rotten over there across First Street at that court." … Continue Reading


Whitehouse renews push to make Daylight Saving Time permanent nationwide

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is once again urging his fellow lawmakers to back a bill that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent, just days before Americans are scheduled to set their clocks back an hour. Whitehouse said the Sunshine Protection Act would eliminate the concept of "falling back." "Each November, the practice of 'falling back' an hour disrupts our lives and robs us of daylight hours to enjoy ourselves," Whitehouse said. Whitehouse, fellow senators seek to make Daylight Saving Tim… Continue Reading


Senator Whitehouse led the charge to fix this ‘unusually badly managed’ student loan relief program. It’s going to help a lot of Rhode Islanders

Somehow, the awful hold music -the too-cheap-to-buy-the-rights-to-an-actual-Hootie-and-the-Blowfish-song-so-we-went-with-the-generic-melody -was the only thing Jesse Ray could reliably count on during his years-long saga to have his student loans partially forgiven. The 42-year-old estimates that he spent more than 100 hours on the phone between 2018 and this summer, trying to navigate the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, and he often found himself talking with operators … Continue Reading

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The Scheme 11: Faculty Lounge Report

Mr. President, I am here to speak for the 11th time in my series discussing the scheme through which a bunch of big, anonymous donors captured our Supreme Court. Today, I am going to talk about the Biden Supreme Court commission, which could have done a useful, even authoritative investigation of the scheme and all its terrible effects at the Court but which, regrettably, ended up as an exercise in ineffectual time-killing. I have laid out the scheme in detail in earlier speeches in this serie… Continue Reading


The Scheme 10: Climate Obstruction and The Scheme

Mr. WHITEHOUSE. Madam President, it is a pleasure, and I appreciate my friend, Senator BLUNT. I am here today to rise for the 10th time to talk about the rightwing scheme to capture our Supreme Court. As the Presiding Officer knows, I have delivered a lot of speeches on the Senate floor, and a majority of them- 279 of them, to be precise-addressed climate change. These were my ''Time to Wake Up'' speeches, many of which focused on the network of phony front groups and trade associations used b… Continue Reading


Scheme Speech 9: Amicus Flotillas

Mr. WHITEHOUSE. Mr. President, I rise today for now the ninth time to unmask the rightwing, dark money scheme to capture our Supreme Court. I say ''capture'' in the sense of regulatory capture, an Agency capture-a well-known phenomenon. Today, I turn to an important tool of the scheme's apparatus: the orchestrated amicus curiae brief. So, first things first, amicus-or friend of the court-briefs are an important instrument in our judicial system. They help those who aren't parties to a case to … Continue Reading

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Summit for Democracy will follow the money

One of the key issues at the summit will be to crack down on global money laundering.

America is engaged in a clash of civilizations, pitting democracy and the free market on one side against kleptocracy and corruption on the other. We have vital national security stakes in this contest: Almost all the international evil that has come America's way in recent decades has come from regimes outside the rule of law, from terrorist attacks to election subversion. That's why it is a contest we must win. This week, the State Department will convene the first-ever Summit for Democracy. … Continue Reading


How Russian Hackers Helped Expose the Right-Wing Dark Money Corrupting Our Courts

Paid-for amicus briefs are the tip of an iceberg of wealthy right-wing donors paying to secure in the federal judiciary rules they cannot accomplish through democratic elections.

A piece of news that came out on the same day that the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case-at the center of what the NRA has bluntly termed the Republican justices' "project" to overturn gun safety- revealed how deep the rot goes. The news came from Russian hackers on the dark web. According to reporting by The Trace, the hackers unearthed a document suggesting that the NRA paid a lawyer more than $500,000 to advocate on its behalf through "the Independence Institute." This included filing … Continue Reading


Justice Alito complains, but the evidence is clear: This Supreme Court was built by dark money

Alito wants us to believe everything is going great at the Supreme Court. And so it is — for big Republican donors

Justice Samuel Alito wants desperately for us to believe that everything is just fine at the Supreme Court. Indeed, in his view the court is a victim. Before an audience at Notre Dame on Sept. 30, Alito denounced "unprecedented efforts to intimidate the court." He aimed his outrage at the media, at leading legal academics, and at people like me who are concerned about, as he put it, the Supreme Court "deciding important issues in a novel, secretive, improper way in the middle of the night, hidd… Continue Reading

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