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Whitehouse, Doggett Press Trump Administration on Massive Tax Giveaways Slipped into COVID Relief Bill

Worth $195 billion, provisions that may benefit Trump family businesses among the costliest in CARES Act; Tax giveaways do nothing to tackle COVID crisis

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) are pressing the Trump administration to explain tax provisions in the recent COVID-19 relief bill that cost roughly $195 billion and have no connection to combatting the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout. According to reports, beneficiaries of the tax giveaways may include President Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and "real estate investors in President Trump's inner circle." In a letter addressed to Vice … Continue Reading


Congressional Delegation Announces Additional $7.25 Million to Help Community Health Centers Fight COVID-19

U.S. Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse, along with Congressmen Jim Langevin and David Cicilline, today announced $7.25 million in federal grant funding to help eight Rhode Island health centers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The health centers may deploy the funds to expand coronavirus testing, prevent and treat COVID-19, and increase staffing and treatment capacity to address the public health emergency. "Our community health centers are doing critical work under tremendo… Continue Reading


Reed, Whitehouse Press Administration on Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Lawmakers urge Administration to do everything in its power to help workers cope

Seeking to ensure that workers in Rhode Island and nationwide are able to access needed assistance during the current coronavirus crisis, U.S. Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse this week joined 35 Democratic colleagues in sending a letter to United States Department of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia urging the Trump Administration to take additional action to ensure workers receive unemployment insurance as quickly as possible. In their letter, the Senators outline a number of actions th… Continue Reading

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Is Your Trade Group Blocking Climate Action?

Climate change is catastrophic for the economy. Moody's recently warned that climate change will cause $69 trillion in economic damage globally by 2100, even with warming held to only 2 degrees Celsius. In May, the European Central Bank warned of climate risks to the economy, asset values, and financial stability; the longer we wait, the ECB reported, the more it will cost to protect ourselves. Almost 30 central banks have made similar warnings. This is the cliff fossil fuel companies are drivi… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Comes to Dinner: Chariho Hosts Roundtable with Democratic Senator

RICHMOND - Residents, state officials and local government officials from Charlestown, Richmond, Hopkinton and Westerly gathered at Chariho High School Wednesday evening to eat pasta and meatballs and pose their questions to Rhode Island's junior senator, Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. About 80 people attended the community dinner, an informal event that Whitehouse has held often throughout the state. "I will speak very, very briefly, and then we'll go to questions and answers," Whitehouse told … Continue Reading


Fixing our highways: Providence Journal Editorial

It's not often that business and labor leaders gather to rally for the same cause, but they did last Wednesday as Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., stood on the grounds of a major road-building company and urged Congress to help Rhode Island and other states fix their roads and bridges. Senator Whitehouse has added language to a highway finance bill, with the goal of helping states tackle particularly expensive projects. One example, familiar to many Rhode Islanders, is a planned reconstruction … Continue Reading

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Time to Wake Up: Blaring Economic Alarms

As-prepared for delivery

Mr./Mdm. President, I rise today, for number 268, to urge colleagues here in the Senate: wake up, and see the looming danger we face from climate change. Look at recent climate effects in our Southern Hemisphere. The most devastating wildfires anyone can remember have ripped across Australia, burned more than a fifth of Australia's forests, destroying thousands of homes, killing an estimated 1 billion animals, and making a day of breathing air in Sydney like smoking 37 cigarettes. In the oce… Continue Reading


Time to Wake Up: The Chamber Knew

As-prepared for delivery.

Mr./Mdm. President, I am here today for the 267th time to call this chamber to wake up to the threat of climate change. Let me dive right in with a report from over 30 years ago that was presented to a major conference here in Washington, D.C. On the first page, it reads: Increases in atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other key gases . . . that are opaque to portions of the infrared spectrum result in the "greenhouse effect" or global warming. When short wavelength infrare… Continue Reading


Time to Wake Up: Dwindling Catches

As-prepared for delivery.

Mr./Mdm. President, I come to again raise an alarm about the massive carbon pollution we are dumping into our natural world, and to tell the stories of two ocean creatures suffering from that pollution. We may mock or ignore these creatures, these lesser creatures so far down the food chain from us, but we are fools to ignore the message of what is happening to them. Matthew 25:41 admonishes, "as you did it to one of the least of these . . . , you did it to me." So we ought not mock and igno… Continue Reading

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Carbon pricing represents the best answer to our climate danger

Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat, represents Rhode Island in the U.S. Senate. James Slevin is president of the Utility Workers Union of America. One of us is a labor leader from a union whose members are hard at work in all facets of energy generation, from coal-fired and nuclear power plants to natural gas and renewable energy systems. The other represents a coastal state at grave risk because of climate change. We have come together in an unusual but badly needed alliance to argue for a pat… Continue Reading


Are We on the Cusp of Crippling the CFPB?

On Tuesday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in Seila Law v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the culmination of Wall Street's sustained assault on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Killing off the CFPB would be a blow to the countless Americans this agency protects. But the powerful forces attacking the CFPB have even greater aspirations. They desire to cripple Congress' ability to establish independent agencies to safeguard Americans' health, safety and econom… Continue Reading


Impeachment: What Trump’s Missing Witnesses Say

We have a party, in a trial, who controls the witnesses who know his true conduct, and that party is using that control to block important witnesses from testifying. Our legal system saw this problem coming.

In the ongoing Senate impeachment trial, the White House's defense of President Donald Trump hinges on keeping damning documents and witness testimony out of evidence. That is why, for the rst time in our history, a president has deed every request for documents and witnesses from House impeachment investigators, and gone to extraordinary lengths to stop members of his own administration from testifying. We have a party, in a trial, who controls the witnesses who know his true conduct, and that… Continue Reading

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