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Whitehouse, Khanna, Colleagues Urge Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer to Bring Big Oil Windfall Profit Tax to the Floor

Today, Senator Whitehouse (D-RI), Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), Representative DeFazio (D-OR), and Representative Bowman (D-NY) along with over 30 members of the House and Senate sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer calling on them to bring windfall profit tax legislation to the floor to stop Big Oil's wartime profiteering and deliver gas price relief for Americans. Last week, the House voted to pass the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, introduced by Reps. Schrier (… Continue Reading


Reed, Whitehouse Back Expedited NATO Application Process for Sweden and Finland

- Today, U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse joined a bipartisan group of 82 U.S. Senators in sending a letter the White House to expedite the Administration's process to advance Sweden and Finland's applications for NATO membership. In the letter, the senators noted that NATO's expansion will send a clear message to Vladimir Putin and authoritarian leaders across the globe that the free world stands ready to bolste… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Introduces First Circuit Nominee Lara Montecalvo Before Senate Judiciary Committee

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse today introduced U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit nominee Lara E. Montecalvo before a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Montecalvo's nomination was announced by the White House last month after Whitehouse and U.S. Senator Jack Reed jointly made their recommendations for the seat to the President. Montecalvo currently leads the office of the Rhode Island Public Defender. "Ms. Montecalvo's record and commitment to the law shine very brightly,… Continue Reading

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‘The Scheme’: a senator’s plan to highlight rightwing influence on the supreme court

Sheldon Whitehouse spent nine years rousing the Senate to act on climate change. Now he’s set his sights on the changes at the supreme court

The US Senate is not a crowded, rambunctious place like Britain's House of Commons or other more lively legislative bodies around the world. Members are accustomed to speaking among row after row of empty desks, unheckled by absent colleagues. This has not deterred Senator Sheldon Whitehouse from stepping into the arena to champion urgent causes. For almost nine years the Democrat took to the Senate floor every week the chamber was in session to demand that attention be paid to the climate cris… Continue Reading


This senator thought he had given his 279th and final speech on climate change. He was wrong.

With climate action stalled, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is reviving his "Time to Wake Up" speeches.

A little over a year ago, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, stood on the Senate floor looking exuberant. To his right was his trademark green sign - a picture of the Earth and "TIME TO WAKE UP" in large capital letters. The senator, a longtime climate activist, was celebrating what he thought would be a milestone: his 279th and final speech urging the country to take action on global warming. President Joe Biden, who had campaigned aggressively on the subject of climate c… Continue Reading


This member of Congress wants everyone to know about the 'dark money scheme' that's 'captured' the Supreme Court

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is fighting to end the "dark money" that he says is plaguing the Supreme Court. The Rhode Island Democrat is referring to private groups using anonymous donations to advance their interests at the highest court.

For the ninth time this year, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse gave a speech this week blasting right-wing anonymous donors whom he believes have "captured" the Supreme Court and "built" its current 6-3 conservative majority. "Our Supreme Court is awash in dark money influence," the Rhode Island Democrat said on the Senate floor on Tuesday. "The American people may not be able to see all of the rot, but they can see enough to know that something is rotten over there across First Street at that court." … Continue Reading

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The Scheme Speech #14: The Attack on Roe

Madam President, I am here for the 14th time to keep unmasking the scheme to control our Supreme Court-a scheme that is now poised to destroy a woman's right to make her own reproductive health choices and to smash foundational Supreme Court precedent to get there. Last week, Politico confirmed a fear that many of us have had for years. We now see that the Supreme Court has at least five votes to eradicate Roe v. Wade, one of the most important decisions in the Court's history. For nearly half … Continue Reading


Sen. Whitehouse's Opening Remarks in a Hearing on the Political Activities of Tax Exempt Entities

Twelve years ago, the Supreme Court rested its decision in Citizens United on the false predicate that "effective disclosure" would let voters know who was speaking to them, and that important because it was the means by which it would dispel corruption. Well, instead, a torrent of dark money - a "tsunami of slime" it has been called - washed into our politics. That torrent washed into our politics from behind a veil of organizations formed under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. … Continue Reading


Time to Wake Up 283: Crying Out for American Leadership

Mr. President, this is my 283rd travel to the Senate floor to ask that we wake up to the threat of climate change-an issue that demands, right now, American leadership. Over the recent recess, I traveled to parts of the world where climate catastrophe looms, and I saw firsthand what the absence of American leadership has cost. My first stop was to the 2022 Our Oceans Conference in Palau, where I joined President Biden's Special Envoy for Climate, Secretary John Kerry, to discuss the state of ou… Continue Reading

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Cutting Back the Dangerous Levels of Corporate Power

We Americans today are frogs, in a slowly heating pot of corporate political power. It's time to pay attention. Our Constitution provides no role for corporate entities in the governance of America. Why would it? A corporate entity is a legal fiction, with neither morals nor soul. Corporate political power was not even a topic in the Constitutional Debates, nor of the Federalist Papers. The first words of our Declaration of Independence are "We the People." Our greatest president in our darkest… Continue Reading


Seize Russian yachts, jets and Picassos. Then use the money to help Ukraine.

We've introduced legislation that would give President Joe Biden the authority to seize Russian assets and give increased support to Ukraine.

The split screen is stomach-turning: In Ukraine, Vladimir Putin's rockets fall on fleeing refugees, missiles gash occupied apartment buildings and hospitals, and civilians huddle in metro stations as bombs fall above. Outside Ukraine, mega-yachts ferry Russian oligarchs between tropical islands, private jets shuttle them to ski vacations and priceless art adorns the walls of their villas. Putin's enablers - and even members of his family - live abroad in laundered luxury off the wealth they st… Continue Reading


In the federal court wars, the right has jumped through a dark-money looking glass

When Supreme Court vacancies occur, a Republican dark-money operation swings into action. Now, an anonymously funded right-wing group is airing an ad aimed at the yet-to-be-picked nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer. The group alleges that liberal dark-money interests will guide President Biden's choice. The music is ominous, the central claim false, and the hypocrisy thick. In nature, some creatures develop ingenious defenses. The squid, for instance, can squir… Continue Reading

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