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Senate Judiciary Dems Press DOJ to Not Appeal Federal Court Decision Ordering Release of Key OLC Memo Related to Mueller Report

Senate Judiciary Democrats to AG Garland: In order to help rebuild nation’s trust in DOJ’s independence after four years of turmoil, we urge DOJ not to appeal decision to order the release of memo written to downplay Trump’s obstruction of Mueller’s investigation

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Federal Courts, Oversight, Agency Action, and Federal Rights; and U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee; today led Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland expressing serious concerns about the Trump-era Department of Justice's (DOJ) apparent misrepresentations to a federal court regarding an Office of Legal Cou… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Calls for Swift Action on Climate Following Release of New EPA Climate Data

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), a senior member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, released the following statement on the new data released by the EPA showing dramatic effects of climate change in the United States. "The data doesn't lie: the EPA's new report shows society pushing nature to its limit. Either we act now, or we risk failing the critical test of 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming and lock in ever-worsening threats. Against this backdrop, Congress is working on i… Continue Reading


New Whitehouse Bill Would Decarbonize Emissions-Heavy Aviation Sector

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) today introduced the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Act, ambitious new legislation to decarbonize the emissions-heavy aviation sector and curb climate change. The legislation sets a goal of achieving net 35 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050 in the U.S. aviation sector, and charts a path for reaching those benchmarks. U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is cosponsoring the legislation. "Air travel connects the … Continue Reading

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Is Your Trade Group Blocking Climate Action?

Climate change is catastrophic for the economy. Moody's recently warned that climate change will cause $69 trillion in economic damage globally by 2100, even with warming held to only 2 degrees Celsius. In May, the European Central Bank warned of climate risks to the economy, asset values, and financial stability; the longer we wait, the ECB reported, the more it will cost to protect ourselves. Almost 30 central banks have made similar warnings. This is the cliff fossil fuel companies are drivi… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Comes to Dinner: Chariho Hosts Roundtable with Democratic Senator

RICHMOND - Residents, state officials and local government officials from Charlestown, Richmond, Hopkinton and Westerly gathered at Chariho High School Wednesday evening to eat pasta and meatballs and pose their questions to Rhode Island's junior senator, Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. About 80 people attended the community dinner, an informal event that Whitehouse has held often throughout the state. "I will speak very, very briefly, and then we'll go to questions and answers," Whitehouse told … Continue Reading


Fixing our highways: Providence Journal Editorial

It's not often that business and labor leaders gather to rally for the same cause, but they did last Wednesday as Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., stood on the grounds of a major road-building company and urged Congress to help Rhode Island and other states fix their roads and bridges. Senator Whitehouse has added language to a highway finance bill, with the goal of helping states tackle particularly expensive projects. One example, familiar to many Rhode Islanders, is a planned reconstruction … Continue Reading

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Sen. Whitehouse Remarks on Kristen Clarke, Vanita Gupta, and Voting Rights

Mr. WHITEHOUSE. Mr. President, I am here to express my support for the nomination of Vanita Gupta to serve as Associate Attorney General. It is a little strange here on the floor today because under normal circumstances I would talk about Ms. Gupta's exemplary record of service and how she will excel as the third in command of the Department of Justice and that she would be a consensus nominee. But the extraordinary effort to scuttle her nomination on a partisan basis in spite of her exemplary r… Continue Reading


Sen. Whitehouse Remarks on Dark Money and the DISCLOSE Act

Mr. WHITEHOUSE. Mr. President, I pick up where Senator Van Hollen left off because, when he was fighting for the DISCLOSE Act in the House, I was the manager of that bill on the floor here in the Senate. It would do something very simple. If you are spending more than $10,000 in an election, we ought to know who you are. That is pretty easy. It is not going to rope in lots of small donors. It will get the big interests who are out there trying to control our democracy and hide who they are whil… Continue Reading


Nomination of Debra Anne Haaland

Mr. WHITEHOUSE. Madam President, I am here to say a few words on behalf of Deb Haaland to be Secretary of the Interior. There is something wonderfully beautiful and symmetrical about her appointment to this position because of the Department of the Interior's role supervising America's public lands. Well, of course, before America's public lands were America's public lands, they were Native American lands, and Deb Haaland will be the first Native American to serve in any President's Cabinet and… Continue Reading

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To Thwart the Illegal Narcotics Trade, Expose the Dark Economy

READ FULL OP-ED HERE This spring, I began work as chair of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control. The panel focuses on battling drug trafficking and improving cooperation with our international partners, and on the public-health aspects of narcotics use, including research into addiction. To undermine the illegal narcotics trade, we must better understand the economics that drive it. In particular, we need to explore the dark economy servicing the narcotics market, and the "clas… Continue Reading


As the US withdraws from Afghanistan, what is our plan for the aftermath?

The experience of Vietnam and Laos teaches that the unthinkable can happen. Nothing about the Taliban gives any confidence that they would shrink from the unthinkable.

President Biden's decision to withdraw US military forces from Afghanistan should bring back memories and lessons from previous withdrawals of American troops, and their aftermaths. In particular, there are traumatic lessons from US withdrawals out of conflicts in Southeast Asia. Related: 'Time to end America's longest war': Biden announces timetable for Afghanistan withdrawal Few if any people who served through those times in Vietnam or Laos remain in government; our institutional memory is p… Continue Reading


President Biden's Earth Day climate summit is a rebuke to Trump's denialism. But it's only a start.

The planet needs more than politicians' words to slow climate change. It needs legislative action — and we have a plan.

America abandoned its position of leadership on climate change under Donald Trump, and it cost us. It cost us the very international standing he swore he so valued, and, more importantly, it cost us precious time to battle the climate crisis. President Joe Biden and the entire U.S. government now have a pivotal opportunity to reclaim our leadership role on climate change and to do our part in reducing emissions. We must act now - and we must act big. And there is no better time than Earth Day … Continue Reading

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