How Russian Hackers Helped Expose the Right-Wing Dark Money Corrupting Our Courts

by Senator Sheldon Whitheouse

A piece of news that came out on the same day that the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case-at the center of what the NRA has bluntly termed the Republican justices' "project" to overturn gun safety- revealed how deep the rot goes. The news came from Russian hackers on the dark web. According to reporting by The Trace, the hackers unearthed a document suggesting that the NRA paid a lawyer more than $500,000 to advocate on its behalf through "the Independence Institute." This included filing … Continue Reading


Justice Alito complains, but the evidence is clear: This Supreme Court was built by dark money

by Sheldon Whitehouse

Justice Samuel Alito wants desperately for us to believe that everything is just fine at the Supreme Court. Indeed, in his view the court is a victim. Before an audience at Notre Dame on Sept. 30, Alito denounced "unprecedented efforts to intimidate the court." He aimed his outrage at the media, at leading legal academics, and at people like me who are concerned about, as he put it, the Supreme Court "deciding important issues in a novel, secretive, improper way in the middle of the night, hidd… Continue Reading


Fighting climate change means putting our coasts on par with our mountains

by Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse and Martin Heinrich

It's hard to find states more different than New Mexico and Rhode Island. One is big, the other small; one is landlocked mountain ranges and high desert, the other seaside coast. But both count on a healthy, clean environment, and each presents wondrous natural beauty. So we both fight tirelessly to defend that environment as climate dangers mount. Whether the worsening danger is wildfires or coastal flooding, we recognize the importance of dedicated federal funding to conserve that beauty for … Continue Reading


A World Without Fossil Fuels Funding Our Enemies Would Be A Safer World for America

by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Sen. Lindsey Graham

We are a conservative Republican and a progressive Democrat who disagree on a great many things. We write today, however, to highlight an area of strong agreement: a global transition to renewable energy would greatly assist in our nation's fight against the world's most corrupt and illicit regimes. If you could wave a magic wand, and transition the world away from fossil fuels, Americans would instantly be safer. Oil and gas development has often been associated with autocracy and corruption. … Continue Reading


To Thwart the Illegal Narcotics Trade, Expose the Dark Economy

by Sheldon Whitehouse

READ FULL OP-ED HERE This spring, I began work as chair of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control. The panel focuses on battling drug trafficking and improving cooperation with our international partners, and on the public-health aspects of narcotics use, including research into addiction. To undermine the illegal narcotics trade, we must better understand the economics that drive it. In particular, we need to explore the dark economy servicing the narcotics market, and the "clas… Continue Reading


As the US withdraws from Afghanistan, what is our plan for the aftermath?

by Sheldon Whitehouse

President Biden's decision to withdraw US military forces from Afghanistan should bring back memories and lessons from previous withdrawals of American troops, and their aftermaths. In particular, there are traumatic lessons from US withdrawals out of conflicts in Southeast Asia. Related: 'Time to end America's longest war': Biden announces timetable for Afghanistan withdrawal Few if any people who served through those times in Vietnam or Laos remain in government; our institutional memory is p… Continue Reading


President Biden's Earth Day climate summit is a rebuke to Trump's denialism. But it's only a start.

by Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.

America abandoned its position of leadership on climate change under Donald Trump, and it cost us. It cost us the very international standing he swore he so valued, and, more importantly, it cost us precious time to battle the climate crisis. President Joe Biden and the entire U.S. government now have a pivotal opportunity to reclaim our leadership role on climate change and to do our part in reducing emissions. We must act now - and we must act big. And there is no better time than Earth Day … Continue Reading


How Right-Wing Dark Money Is Trying to Kneecap the Biden DOJ

by Sheldon Whitehouse

Someone is targeting Biden Justice Department nominees Vanita Gupta and Kristen Clarke with attacks. Why? Both nominees hold exceptional records as litigators and civils rights activists. The respect they've earned extends beyond the civil rights movement and progressives to law enforcement and leading conservatives. They ought to be consensus picks. But pull back the curtain, and strategy and motive take shape. Gupta and Clarke are poised to use their skills to defend Americans' right to vote,… Continue Reading


Following US Capitol attack, we senators must investigate fellow members of Congress — and follow the money

by Sheldon Whitehouse

My first signal that things were seriously awry was when Capitol Police officers brought a badly shaken colleague to shelter in my Capitol hideaway. "They're in the building," she said. Shortly after, I was evacuated as the United States of America lost control of its Capitol to a violent pro-Trump mob intent on stopping the constitutional process of certifying the presidential election. Five people died in the Jan. 6 attack. We need to understand what took place that day. We need to understand… Continue Reading


Credibility Crisis: 'Dark Money' Influence Could Soon Become a Constitutional Right

by Sheldon Whitehouse

The Supreme Court faces a credibility crisis. This crisis intensifies after nearly $100 million in anonymous funding-known as "dark money"-entered the confirmation fights of the last three justices. At the same time, the country faces a dark-money crisis as anonymous influence spreads malicious disinformation and corrupts and disrupts our politics. And now a case before the court could lock in dark money influence as a constitutional right. Big donors have reason to smile. The Republican majori… Continue Reading


Why we can’t just “move on”: We need accountability for Donald Trump’s misdeeds

by Sheldon Whitehouse

Barack Obama's administration made the policy decision to look forward, not back, and to leave the misdeeds of George W. Bush's administration to history's judgment. That would be a mistake for the incoming Biden administration. Donald Trump and his henchmen have made a concerted attack on American democracy, and done so much corrupting damage that it would be dereliction to give them a pass. Three areas in particular need investigation. One is the administration's denial of climate science, do… Continue Reading


America’s Captured Courts

by Sheldon Whitehouse

WASHINGTON, DC - Any objective observer of the American political system must wonder why, when the United States confronts the world's highest COVID-19 death toll and a ravaged economy, US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will do nothing but confirm outgoing President Donald Trump's appointees to the federal judiciary. It's strange behaviour. The explanation is a special-interest lobby operating largely out of public view - a political creature that has stalked America's judiciary for gen… Continue Reading


Amy Coney Barrett rose from corporations' crusade for power over the Supreme Court

by Sheldon Whitehouse

There's a scheme being run on the American people, and, as we embark on this rushed and bitter fight over whether to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, the American people ought to understand what's really going on. It almost doesn't matter who President Donald Trump picked to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; it never really did. What really matters is who - and whose money - lurks behind the process of shaping the Supreme Court, and what's at stake for all of us, from th… Continue Reading


Beacon a lesson for hospital merger

by Sheldon Whitehouse

As prospects for a merger between Rhode Island's two hospital systems appear to grow more promising ("Lifespan, CNE Move Forward With Letter of Intent to Merge," PBN, Sept. 9), there are important questions of monopoly and potential abuse of market power that deserve discussion. Health care is an arena of our economy less suited to dog-eat-dog competition and more suited to policy, structure and coordination than almost any other. After all, a person who arrives unconscious at a hospital is hard… Continue Reading


Crashing coastal property values and the economic fallout of climate change

by Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Sheldon Whitehouse

Climate change has taken hold here in New England. From the White Mountains to Narragansett Bay, there have been more frequent heat waves; native wildlife and plants are shifting north; and there have been troubling upticks in climate-related ailments like tick-borne diseases and asthma. But nowhere is climate change more apparent than along the coast, where warming and acidifying waters and rising sea levels are taking a toll, disrupting fisheries and eroding coastal marshes and beaches. These… Continue Reading


Trump's coronavirus response proves Congress once again needs its own science advisers

by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Dr. Robert Cook-Deegan, professor, Arizona State University

With an administration in power that mocks and disparages science - at the bidding of big special interests and for its own perceived political gain - it falls to Congress to ensure that our government is listening to science. But right now, Congress itself often doesn't act on the best available scientific knowledge - in no small part because of a fateful decision by Congress two and a half decades ago that cut off the flow of high quality, nonpartisan science to inform its decisions. Until t… Continue Reading


Moot Points, Gun Laws and the Supreme Court

by Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.), Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.), Mazie Hirono (D., Hawaii) and Dick Durbin (D., Ill.)

The Journal's editorial board joined Justice Samuel Alito to blame us for the failure of a major Second Amendment challenge at the Supreme Court ("The Chief Justice Ducks on Gun Rights," April 28). The Justice alleges that we somehow "manipulated" the court. That's rich, in light of the right-wing dark-money machine surrounding the court. New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York was the product of what the National Rifle Association-a major Republican donor, gun indus… Continue Reading


The corrupt tax provision in the CARES Act: Rep. Doggett & Sen. Whitehouse

by Sheldon Whitehouse and Rep. Lloyd Doggett

As Americans battled the human and economic devastation of COVID-19, Congress sent rapid relief out to families, our health sector, small businesses and our economy. The most recent relief bill, the CARES Act, enjoyed wide bipartisan support and will help if implemented effectively. But tucked into its 880 pages were Republican-inserted tax provisions. The more we've learned about their immense cost and the few that they benefit, the clearer it is that they have to go. These costly tax breaks … Continue Reading


Carbon pricing represents the best answer to our climate danger

by Sheldon Whitehouse and James Slevin

Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat, represents Rhode Island in the U.S. Senate. James Slevin is president of the Utility Workers Union of America. One of us is a labor leader from a union whose members are hard at work in all facets of energy generation, from coal-fired and nuclear power plants to natural gas and renewable energy systems. The other represents a coastal state at grave risk because of climate change. We have come together in an unusual but badly needed alliance to argue for a pat… Continue Reading


Carbon pricing represents the best answer to our climate danger

by Sheldon Whitehouse and James Slevin

One of us is a labor leader from a union whose members are hard at work in all facets of energy generation, from coal-fired and nuclear power plants to natural gas and renewable energy systems. The other represents a coastal state at grave risk because of climate change. We have come together in an unusual but badly needed alliance to argue for a path forward to address the twin threats of a changing climate and growing economic inequality. That path forward includes imposing a price on carbon … Continue Reading

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