August 20, 2012

Whitehouse Visits Middletown Business

Senator Touring RI Small Businesses to Discuss Job Creation Initiatives

2012-08-20_Rite_SolutionsMiddletown, RI – Two weeks ago, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse began a month-long jobs tour of the state to hear from small business owners and employees about what they need to succeed in this tough economy.  Today, Whitehouse continued the tour with a visit to Rite Solutions, a fast-growing company in Middletown that specializes in a broad array of technologies including decision support systems, interactive multi-media training, and a variety of IT network technologies.

Since its founding in 2000, Rite Solutions has rapidly expanded the company workforce. During his tour, Senator Whitehouse discussed his support for hiring tax credits that will bolster the efforts of small businesses like Rite Solutions to create jobs here in the state. 

“Rite Solutions is a great example of a company creating jobs for Rhode Island workers, and I will continue to fight for legislation that will support similar hiring efforts across the state,” said Whitehouse.  “It was a pleasure to meet with Rite Solutions today, and I thank them for sharing their ideas with me about how to boost our economy.”

“We deeply appreciate the support and advocacy that Rite Solutions has received from our Congressional leaders, including Senators Whitehouse and Reed, in providing the funding necessary to bridge the gap between innovative technologies and deployed systems,” said Joe Marino, President of Rite Solutions.  “Their confidence in our ability to produce value-added solutions for our Navy customers has been most rewarding – it is something that we take very seriously.”

Whitehouse is continuing to fight for a series of job-creation initiatives in the Senate.  His proposals include tax breaks for businesses that hire, ending tax policies that reward companies for sending jobs overseas, and cracking down on currency manipulation by China that puts American manufacturers at an unfair disadvantage.

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