March 2015

Time to Wake Up: What Big Oil Companies Say Vs. What They Do
Time to Wake Up: Climate Change In Wisconsin

February 2015

Time to Wake Up: The Effects of Climate Change From New York to Florida
Sen. Whitehouse: Let's Lift the Stigma on Addiction and Recovery
Time to Wake Up: Conflicting Voices from Oklahoma

January 2015

Time to Wake Up: Let's Start Debating Solutions
Time to Wake Up: Citizens United Crushed the Debate on Climate Change
Time to Wake Up: Let's Reject the Keystone Pipeline
Time to Wake Up: Senate Dems can Still Make Progress on Climate Change

December 2014

Time to Wake Up: 2014 Could be the Hottest Year On Record
Time to Wake Up: A Carbon Fee is Not a War on Coal
Fighting Climate Change Can Also Help the Economy

November 2014

Introducing the American Opportunity Carbon Fee Act
Not a Scientist? Ask One.

October 2014

Sen. Whitehouse Speech at NYU Institute for Policy Integrity fall conference
Campus Sexual Assaults - Speech to National Association of Attorneys General

September 2014

Time to Wake Up: Rhode Island Energy and Environmental Leaders Day
Time to Wake Up: Republicans Side with Polluters over the Public on Climate

July 2014

Environmental Protection Was Once a Top Priority of Republicans
How Citizens United Altered the Climate Debate