December 2012

Climate Change: Recapping 2012
Climate Change and Ocean Acidification

October 2011

Climate Change: 99 Second Opinions?

July 2011

Whitehouse: Tall Smoke Stacks Endanger RI Public Health

September 2010

Whitehouse: Global Climate Change Poses Dire Threats

August 2010

Sheldon's Opening Statement from EPW Hearing on Oil Disperants in the Gulf
Sheldon's Opening Statement from Judiciary Hearing on Agency Capture

July 2010

Whitehouse Introduces Landmark Legislation to Protect Oceans

June 2010

In Floor Speech, Sheldon Slams Corporate Influence at MMS

September 2009

Sheldon Defends EPA's Authority to Regulate Carbon Emissions

July 2009

Whitehouse: Our Transition to a Clean Energy is Past Due

August 2008

Whitehouse Opening Statement at EPW Committee Field Briefing

July 2008

EPA Administrator Should Resign, Whitehouse Says

May 2008

In Morning Speech, Whitehouse Sharply Criticizes Political Influence at EPA