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October 2011

Whitehouse: We Must Take Action to Create Jobs

July 2011

Whitehouse Introduces Resolution to Defend Social Security and Medicare
Whitehouse: Cuts to Social Security and Medicare Benefits Have No Place in Debt Talks

May 2011

Sheldon Speaks Out Against House GOP Plan to End Medicare

December 2010

Whitehouse Urges Extra Help for Seniors

July 2010

Whitehouse Introduces Landmark Legislation to Protect Oceans

March 2010

Sheldon Urges Extension of COBRA Subsidies for Struggling Rhode Islanders

December 2009

Whitehouse Introduces Amendment to Health Care Reform Bill

April 2009

Whitehouse Pushes for Bankruptcy Reform on Home Mortgages

March 2009

Sheldon's Opening Statement for Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing on Credit Cards and Bankruptcy

February 2009

Whitehouse Shares Stories of Rhode Islanders Affected by Broken Health Care System
Whitehouse: Economic Recovery Bill is Necessary to Revive Economy

September 2008

Whitehouse: The Fundamentals of Our Economy are Far from Strong