Whitehouse Calls for Action to Curb Excessive Speculation in Energy Markets

Mr. WHITEHOUSE. Today in Rhode Island, drivers are paying more than $4 a gallon for gas, and they've been paying those prices for more than a month now. We all know that eight years of two oil men in the White House equals over $4-a-gallon gas - a nearly six-fold increase in oil prices. These record oil prices have sent consumer costs skyrocketing, not only at the pump, but at the supermarket and the department store. Food and household goods take energy to produce and transport, and have bec… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Recites Historic Correspondence Between Newport's Touro Synagogue and President George Washington

MR. WHITEHOUSE. Mr. President, My home state of Rhode Island has the distinction of being home to the oldest Jewish house of worship in the United States, the Touro Synagogue in historic Newport. This synagogue was founded in seventeen hundred and sixty three. Today, the synagogue stands as a handsome landmark, designed by the famous colonial architect Peter Harrison. A reminder of historic days past for a community that this year, 2008, will celebrate the 350th anniversary of the first Jewish s… Continue Reading

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