Time to Wake Up: Something Fishy Going On

Mr. President, it is a great honor and pleasure to join the senior Senator from Connecticut on the floor today. We were both U.S. attorneys. We were attorneys general together. We now serve in the Senate together, and I consider him a friend outside of my day job as well. It is terrific to be here with him. It is also a happy coincidence that a Senator from another great fishing State, Louisiana, should be presiding while we speak about our fisheries. This is my 247th of these speeches. Rhode I… Continue Reading


Time To Wake Up: Never Again: Remembering the Cuyahoga River Fire

Mr. President, it is my great honor to join Senator Brown of Ohio here on this 50th anniversary. The image of a river aflame is engraved in our collective memory. For Ohioans, for Senator Brown, and for all others who care about our water and environment, the Cuyahoga River remains a rallying cry. Time magazine ran a piece in 1969 calling it this: "Chocolate brown, oily, bubbling with subsurface gasses, it oozes rather than flows." No fish lived in it. It was too dangerous for drinking or swim… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Remarks at the National Press Club

It is good to see you all. Thank you for having me. Thank you to Tiffany and Tiernan, for your wonderful introductions. And thank you to the League of Conservation Voters and End Citizens United for being such amazing allies. And for the amazing work you do together. I emphasize "together" because our failure in Congress to address climate change is directly connected to the secret empire of dark money that Citizens United launched. Climate denial and dark money are two sides of the same coin… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Remarks in Judiciary on Combating Kleptocracy

First let me thank you, Chairman Graham, for holding this hearing. We have been working on this for a long time and I appreciate very much your patient and persistence and your attention to the rising threat that kleptocracy poses to our country. I also want to particularly thank Senator Grassley who has been my compadre on the TITLE Bill for a long time, back when he was chairman and now as Chairman of Finance he has another terrific position to push for clarity and transparency in this area. … Continue Reading


Whitehouse Remarks at 2019 Public Citizen Gala

Thank you, Lisa, for that kind introduction. It's an honor to be here today with Desmond Meade. What a remarkable story of perseverance and service to our democracy. His is the kind of strength we will need in the fights to come. I have been battling side-by-side with Public Citizen for a very long time now. We both recognize the threat to our democratic institutions from an excess of corporate power. We are both fighting for reforms to preserve access to the courts, empower voters in the … Continue Reading


Time To Wake Up: Exxon Knew

Mr. President, I am here today for my weekly "Time to Wake up" speech. We know a lot of things now. We know our atmosphere is filling with carbon dioxide to a point unprecedented in the history of the species on our planet; we know global temperatures are climbing and warping the weather across our country and around the world; we know our oceans are warming and acidifying in a way that the geologic record shows is a precursor to massive ocean die-offs; and we know the kind of action we must ta… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Remarks on the Gaspee Raid

Madam President, I come to the floor of the Senate today, as I do every year at this time, to remember what Rhode Island abolitionist Frances Whipple McDougall called ``the first blood [drawn] in the Revolution.'' This past Sunday marked the 247th anniversary of the Gaspee raid. This is an image of what happened to the Gaspee. We ought to remember. Most Americans do not know about the Gaspee Affair. They have learned about a far tamer incident in Boston Harbor a year later, when some tipsy Bost… Continue Reading


Time To Wake Up: Corporate America Engages

Madam President, one of the things I have noticed over the years that I have given these climate speeches is that corporate engagement on climate change has been one-sided, let's just say. It is clear who my adversaries have been--Big Oil, the coal lobby, the Koch brothers, and some very powerful corporate trade associations--the American Petroleum Institute, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the most powerful of all, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, so-called. In my view, it is more p… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Remarks on the Federalist Society and Leonard Leo

On Tuesday, the Washington Post published an important investigation. They looked into a very narrow, very wealthy group of special interests seeking to control our federal judiciary. It was a revealing story, one that matters a great deal to the Senate and the people we serve. I come to the floor today to discuss that tightening special-interest grip on our courts. The central operative is Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society, the organization at the center of this effort. As I described… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Floor Remarks on the Retirement of Sister Jane Gerety

Mr./Madame President, I join Rhode Island's senior senator here on the floor today to honor the work of Salve Regina University's seventh president, Sister Jane Gerety. She will retire next month, capping a decade of service to the university and the Newport community. Sister Jane has accomplished remarkable things in her tenure. She established a new satellite campus in Warwick to help working Rhode Islanders take graduate and continuing education courses. She helped establish online study… Continue Reading


Time to Wake Up: Bad Media (for) Climate

Mr./Madame President, I rise today for the 243rd time to call on this chamber to wake up to the reality of climate change. I thank Senator Cornyn for acknowledging that the days of ignoring this are over. Now it's time to do something, with keeping global warming below the 1.5 or 2 degrees Centigrade target. I speak regularly about the fossil fuel industry's relentless grip on Congress, and how that grip prevents action on climate. They are still at it. But that is not the only thing slowi… Continue Reading


The Supreme Corp.

Greek mythology tells of the Labors of Hercules, one of which was to clean the Augean Stables. These stables were so fouled with manure and waste that to clean them seemed impossible. Hercules accomplished this Labor by running a river through the stables. I am here to argue that it is time for a cleanup at the Supreme Court. Just as the Augean Stables were cleaned by a river, a river of transparency and accountability can help clean up the Court. Let's start by looking at the mess that needs… Continue Reading


Time to Wake Up: Corporate Climate Rankings

Mr./Madame President, pick up the paper these days and it's hard to miss the headlines about corporate America getting serious about reducing carbon emissions. Companies are purchasing renewable power. They're moving into carbon-neutral office buildings. They're purchasing electric vehicles. They're developing new technologies and products for the transition to a low carbon economy. Many are forcing some degree of sustainability out their supply chains. All of this is important work, and the co… Continue Reading


Time to Wake Up: Louisiana Road Trip

Mr./Mdm. President, I am grateful to be joined on the floor today by the senior Senator from Louisiana. I had the pleasure of visiting his home state last month to see firsthand how a combination of decreased sedimentation, erosion, subsidence, habitat degradation, and rising seas are threatening Louisiana's coastline. I was also joined by Congressman Garret Graves, former Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Chairman, during my time in Louisiana. I thank him for sharing his… Continue Reading


Time to Wake Up: Oil Trumps Cars

You just heard my colleague, Delaware's senior senator and our ranking member on the Environment and Public Works Committee, call on the auto industry to do its part to support strong fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards for automobiles. I want to start by thanking him for his tireless leadership on this issue and for fighting for standards that protect the environment, public health, and American jobs in the fast-growing green technology sector. I hope the auto industry is liste… Continue Reading


Time To Wake Up: Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels

Mr. President, I am here for my usual climate speech. The Presiding Officer has seen this increasingly battered poster many times before. We have had an interesting period in the Senate recently with respect to climate change, and I would like to take a moment to comment on it. Before I do that, I think it is important to kind of frame the backdrop of what is going on and why this matters. This is the measurement of carbon dioxide levels on Earth. This goes back 400,000 years-no agriculture, n… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Delivers Remarks to the Atlantic Council

Thank you to the Atlantic Council for inviting me here today as you unveil this report. Himalayan Asia faces major water security challenges. This work is timely and significant. In the region, relations between Pakistan and India have long been fraught; in human history, violent conflicts over water are as old as memory; Kashmir is a crucible of contest for riparian control of great rivers; and climate change is destabilizing water flows. This combination creates a region ripe for conflict,… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Remarks on Reforming the Senate Budget Process

Mr. Chairman, thank you very much. I remember very fondly my days of innocence when I came to the Budget Committee and thought that a deficit neutral reserve fund actually did anything and experienced a glow of satisfaction when I got one passed. Obviously, I've learned better over the years. So what this amendment focuses on, I think there is bipartisan agreement on, which is the need for reform of the budget committee. We are now fully meaningless. We do two things. We do this, which is an ex… Continue Reading


Whitehouse Remarks on the Senate Budget Process

Mr. Chairman, here we go again. In a bipartisan tradition, we are here on a budget that is little more than a messaging document for the majority party. To amplify on Senator Kaine's remarks, there are actually about 40 seats in this room and there are now about one, two, three, four, five, six, seven people sitting in them. There's the world's smallest press table over there with the world's most bored press corp. reporting on the world's most useless hearing. And we've gotten ourselves into th… Continue Reading


The Third Federalist Society

Mr. President, this week, the Senate conveyor belt of President Trump's judicial nominees grinds on. So far, the president and the Senate leader have preserved an unprecedented pace in confirming federal judges, especially powerful federal appellate judges. They seem to have no higher priority. What's a little weird about this is that nearly 90% of Trump's appellate judges, and both his Supreme Court justices, are members of the so-called Federalist Society. On the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh, Gor… Continue Reading

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